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Prayer Walk

There will be a Prayer Walk through Epsom on Sunday 20th August starting at 3 pm. It will begin at Dulshott Green in the Parade

and return there for a cup of tea at the Baptist Church.

It is estimated that the Walk will take about an hour with stops at special points for prayer.

There is a leaflet to follow as we walk - but the walk can also be done on your own.

Copies can be obtained from Adrian Esdaile 01372 723 770 or HERE

During the walk we will be remembering in prayer the Local Authority, those in education, those who work in shops and restaurants,

those who commute to work, those who work in medicine, the elderly in homes or unable to go out, - as well as the Churches.


Prayer Walk 20 August 2017 -Report

We met at Dullshot Green at 3pm with an initial group of 17, increasing to 18 and a toddler as we went on our way.

This was the first Prayer Walk that Adrian Esdaile had led and so he began by explaining how it would work and that we would follow the route on the leaflet but would be discussing each area, rather than reading from the sheet.

We moved on to the Town Hall and then round to the town and station, followed by the shops and park and finally on to the churches. 

At each stop Adrian discussed the area and talked about the people and places and who we could be praying for. 

The whole walk took about an hour and ended with tea at the Baptist Church. 

This was a very thought provoking time and if there is any criticism it is due to the noise of the traffic as we stopped, sometimes making quiet contemplation a little difficult.  However, that is a feature of Epsom, as much as the people and buildings. 

Thank you to Adrian for his time and thoughts on this first Prayer walk of Epsom.

Report with thanks to both Elaine Bellinger and photographs below by Meryl Smith

Text by Adrian Esdaile

Start at Dulshott Green.  Relax and remember that wherever we are we remain in the presence of God and are surrounded by his world.  Look around you – notice the clinic and pray for the staff and patients – notice the Nursery School and pray for all the children who go there, to Infant and Junior Schools and to Secondary Schools in Epsom – notice the flats of Greenwood Court and pray for all elderly people who need care.  Perhaps you know someone who lives here, or in one of the Homes in Epsom, pray for them and surround them with God’s love.

Turn left to the main crossroads.  Cross the road and stand outside the Bank where there is space – stand and look … watch for a few minutes and pray for those who pass by.  Some in cars and buses – others on foot – some in a hurry, some shopping, some struggling with age or disability.  Do you know any?  Where are they going and why?  Pray for them – their families, their homes, their places of work …  Pray for the Street Pastors who are here on Friday nights … Remember the situations that they face each week.

Walk to the car park side at the back of the Town Hall.  Stop there.  So many decisions about our local area are made in this building.  The Councillors and Officers carry a heavy burden of responsibility with slender resources.  Pray for the Mayor and for the Councillors, the Officers and the staff.  The Police Station is here – pray for them as they go about their duties, duties which can be dangerous.  Give thanks for the speed of response by the emergency services, their skills and dedication

Carry on along the narrow path and through the arch to the High Street.  Cross the road and stop in Epsom Square.  Pray for those who use the Library – and enjoy themselves in the restaurants and bars – for those who go to the Gym or to the Doctor’s Surgery.   Pray for the Medical Services we receive in Epsom – pray for the Hospital, the Surgeries and clinics, the nursing homes.   The staff of all these places face shortages and difficulties.  Pray for the patients.  Indeed, pray for all those for whom today will be a day of pain or suffering, distress or anxiety, sadness or depression.

Continue under the arch, bearing right and stop on the corner with a view of the Railway Station.  Pray for all who commute from Epsom to their work by rail … for those who work on the station and in the ticket office. Thousands use this station each day, some arriving here to work, to go to school or college, to visit friends, to come shopping, to visit the hospital … – others are leaving here, going to work, maybe travelling long distances or short.  Pray for them all – and for each one, especially anyone in need.   Pray for those who live in these blocks of flats or who stay in the Travelodge.

Move along the road to the Ashley Centre.  Stop somewhere and pray for all who work here – all who shop here.  Almost every shop will be facing an uncertain future – pray for their owners and managers.  Pray for the charities who seek to raise money here – or simply try to raise awareness of their needs.  Pray for the Market which functions twice a week.  Pray for those involved with the re-configuring and redevelopment on the centre of Epsom, that it may be to the benefit of everyone.

Leave the Ashley Centre by the exit near Waitrose and turn left.  Cross the road and stand in the corner of the Park or by the pond. There can be literally hundreds of people relaxing here, especially at lunch-time.  Give thanks for the foresight of Lord Rosebery who gave the park for all time – for the beauty of the park – for the playground which is so well-used. 

Remember the children of Epsom, their education, their leisure, their parents and friends. Pray for the people you can see.  Pray for the University of the Creative Arts nearby and for all the staff and all the students there – it is a place where all use their skills and their creativity before setting out on their chosen careers.

Turn Back and delay for a few moments outside the Methodist Church.  Pray for the Minister, the staff and all the congregation who worship and serve the community here.  Pray for the Dovecote shop and all who serve in it and those who go to buy or browse.  Then pray for Churches Together in Epsom, for the Officers and Council and all the member Churches, that together, with the gift of the Holy Spirit, may be alive in our service of God and this community.

Turn back towards the town and turn right into The Parade and walk back to Dulshott Green.  Here reflect on your walk and on your prayers.  Lay the experience in the hands of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Imagine him on the Cross, looking down and loving us, our Churches and our community.  Allow him to receive our prayers this day.  He is crucified, risen, ascended and glorified and is for ever at the right hand of God himself.