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Christmas Together at Epsom Methodist Church 2019

Epsom Methodist Church is hosting its annual Christmas Day lunch for all ages and anyone who wants to come, including those in Epsom & Ewell Borough who would otherwise be on their own on Christmas Day . The Church has been hosting this event for a number of years and it has proved very popular in Epsom and Ewell, with approximately 75 guests each year.

The event is well supported by volunteer help from members of the Church and the community, who get involved in all the cooking, preparation of vegetables, setting up the room, welcoming, entertaining and providing lifts to and from the event for those who have no transport.  Local retail businesses kindly donate various foodstuffs as well. As in previous years we will have a traditional Christmas lunch with all the trimmings followed by the Queen’s speech and join in with some homespun entertainment!

For further info. please contact telephone 01372 728 535



Christmas Together in Ewell  2019

St Paul’s Howell Hill, 15 Northey Avenue, SM2 7HS


We need volunteers for the ‘Together at Christmas’ lunch.

If you are available to give up a few hours of your Christmas Day to make this a great time for those that would otherwise be on their own on this special day we would love to hear from you.

Christmas Day: 12.15 – 17.00

Table Hosts, being with a small group of guests – offering them a pre-dinner drink, sitting and looking after them during the lunch, - escorting your guests between church areas and serving them tea - and at the end helping them to collect coats and find their drivers. Final clearing of the hall.

Table Hosts will have a meal with their guests but other volunteers will be offered a meal after their ‘shift’ is finished.

Servers, 12.30-15.00 being part of a small team serving meals and clearing tables

We need people to help at the lunch with washing up, acting as a table hosts etc.

We also need drivers who are willing to collect people before the meal and/or take them home afterwards. Please contact Janet Hattam

Phone 020 8397 7307 or email janet.hattam3@gmail.com

if you feel able to offer your services in any way.


Enjoy a magical evening...

... in the company of local professional singer Howard Dee whose mixture of romantic and Christmas songs will provide the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

Choose from a selection of delicious dishes carefully prepared by Penelope Evans Catering.

There will be a licensed bar selling prose co, wine and beer.

After dinner, Howard will up the tempo and for the more energetic among us there will be the opportunity to dance or you can just sit back and enjoy the music.

There will be a raffle with great prizes.

This event will be raising money for our community kitchen within the church that is used by local groups supporting vulnerable people.

Buy tickets online now

Follow these instructions to buy your tickets:

  • Step One: Use the PayPal shopping cart drop down menu below to select the (first) ticket with your meal choice and select Add to Cart. There are three meals to choose from. If you wish to buy more than one ticket with the same meal, just change the qualities after you have added the ticket to your cart.

  • Step Two: If you wish to purchase another tickets with a different meal, select the Continue shopping link in the top right of the PayPal screen, this will return you to this page for you to use the drop down menu to select the next ticket and meal choice.

  • Step Three: Repeat until all the tickets you want to purchase are showing in your cart.

  • Step Four: Use the 'more' link below each ticket to display and check the type of meal you have chosen for each ticket.and then proceed with payment.






Taste and See Cake, Saturday December 21st 2019

We'd love to see you!

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Rev’d David Candlin






Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2020

Unusual kindness – 18th – 25th January

The story of St. Paul’s being shipwrecked on Malta

For the churches in Malta, the Bible has special relevance for the shared life of the churches there, for the Gospel first came to Malta in the events that are told in the Acts of the Apostles, where St. Paul and those with him encountered unusual kindness from the inhabitants.  Many people in Britain and Ireland will have visited Malta on holiday and seen the place where these events are believed to have taken place.  This is a reminder that Christianity is not merely a spirituality, but a faith rooted in events in human history: the redemption of humanity and the whole of creation.  The Unity for which we pray, therefore serves to make Christ known in the World.

The story of St. Paul’s being shipwrecked on Malta in Acts27 and 28 leads us, during these eight days of Prayer for Christian Unity, to reflect upon many aspects of own lives, and the lives of our churches.  As we approach one another, seeking Unity, we recognise that we sometimes carry baggage from history, tradition, and cultural expectation, which can weigh us down, and threaten to overwhelm us.  There is the danger that, in the face of that experience, we might lose sight of the hope which first called us, and so give us reaching for the light which Christ offers us.

To demonstrate unusual kindness is to see the sister and brother in the monster’s shame and know that they too are children of God.  To demonstrate unusual kindness is to give without counting the cost, and to allow us to be given unto, without questioning worth.  As we reflect upon, and pray for, Christian Unity, we acknowledge the injury that we have caused, the pain we carry, the baggage that we must jettison.  We pray for Christian Unity as the place from which we can move forward in faith and in hope for the redemption of the world, and the restoration of creation.

For this year’s Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, we accompany the Churches of Malta, praying with and alongside them, praying also for them in their Christian pilgrimage as they, and we too, seek the Unity for which Christ prayed.  And we rejoice with them that Malta traces its Christian origins back to the time of the Apostles.  And in so doing we enter the drama of St. Paul, those who travelled with him, and the inhabitants whom they met, to discover our shared Unity, and in so doing recognise the importance of unusual acts of kindness that bear witness to the Gospel of peace and reconciliation.

A token number of pamphlets will be given to the 10 church communities in Epsom to encourage prayer and reflection during this week beginning Saturday 18th January – 25th January ‘the Conversion of St. Paul.’’





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