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Churches Together in Epsom e-mail Updates


As appropriate the webmaster circulates the changes to this site, this is a reminder that certain information has been updated, changed or deleted.

This group mail is sent to all those that wish this and every e-mail is hidden.

There is a new option to JOIN (if you do not get the updates)

or if you do you may wish to get yourself REMOVED.

Just use the following CLICK here to send a message to the webmaster, in the Subject line put JOIN CTiE LIST or REMOVE CTiE LIST,


 it helps if you are joining to add your name/s as some e-mails are not explicit!


Please note:- As from May 25 th 2018,  The Data Protection Act comes into force, if you are on the current list then this indicates your wish for CTiE to retain your e-mails,  


BUT if you do NOT you need to reply and take the option to be REMOVED as shown above.

This will mean you do not get any e-mails from CTiE


Be aware this applies to any associated Sub Domains