Amazingly 2017 was yet another record year for the Book Fair. We raised 36,006 almost 4,000 up on last year. Although we had increased the price of paperbacks from 70p to 80p this probably only added about 1700-1800 of additional sales so we also managed to sell more books. We sold for 150 and an old history of Surrey for 175. We had over 2,500 people who visited the Fair which was over 10% up on last year. The Thursday morning was particularly crowded with the queue to the entrance stretching back as far as The Parade.

We repeated the previous innovation of having several charities to help us sort the books in return for which we agreed to donate to that charity in proportion to the amount of help provided. Action for Children had an extra donation reflecting their long association with the Book Fair. Thus, after costs and contributing about 3,000 to Epsom Methodist Church for the use of the church, Book Fair expenses of 1425 which were slightly up on last year due to paying for 6,000 leaflets to be delivered in the Nork and Tattenhams area, the proceeds of the Fair were given to:

Action for Children;


Age Concern Epsom & Ewell;


Epsom Methodist Church Family Worker;


Epsom & Ewell Foodbank;


Epsom Group Scouts;


District Guides for Camping Facilities at Horton Park;


Hope4Malawi organised by St Paul's Howell Hill, Cheam;




The Rainbow Trust.


We also helped provide books to expand the library at Warren Mead Junior School, books for the school library in Malawi supported by Hope4Malawi and books for those who attend the Epsom Food Bank.

The catering team did a great job, providing meals, cake, tea and coffee to all those thirsty and hungry book buyers and helpers over the four days of the Fair and made over 1500 up from 1200 last year!

On Saturday 4th March we were very grateful to the Church for throwing a party to celebrate the success of the Fair which was attended by 70 people who had a great time with good food as well as dancing and quizzes run by Peter and Kathryn Thompson

We estimate we had about 60,000 books on display (about the same as last year) and had about 40,000 books which we sent to the dealer. Thanks to help from many people, and especially the Scouts, by 7pm the church was tidy for Sunday services.

Finally, we could not run the Fair without the help of so many volunteers who willingly give their time and expertise. Huge thanks go to all of them for making this another successful event. Both Jacqui and I look forward to planning for next year's Fair.

Andrew Jennings and Jacqui Raggett

Well Done All

Photographs with thanks to Pat Lavers and Cliff Douthwaite

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